Fort Walton Beach Attractions

The Wentz Brothers' Festival of Fears is proud to announce its return to Fort Walton Beach, Florida for the 2022 scare season! Location to be announced soon. Opening weekend is currently scheduled for September 9th and 10th and we hope to see you there. See below for details regarding this year's attractions.

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No one knows how it started. It doesn't matter anyway. All that matters is this;

The year? Not very long from now.

The place? Not very far from here.

The dead have risen, and humanity is losing the fight. You find yourself on the frontlines of what might be humanity's last stand. You stand before the entrance of an enourmous subterranean bunker, your only hope for survival in the coming conflict. But what lies within is not salvation. Only madness, horror, and the beginning of humanity's end. An end that begins with one simple phrase:


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