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The Wentz Brothers' Story

          The story of the Wentz Brothers begins at their parent's house in the Kenwood neighborhood of Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Brothers Alex, Andrew, Daniel, and Jake started entertaining friends and family at Halloween parties with a simple, inflatable haunted house. And since then, their once small, haunted attraction blew up into what would be considered a community tradition and hometown favorite over the next decade.

          As the years passed, the Wentz Brothers outgrew their inflatable haunted house and, with their parent's permission, started transforming their childhood home into the neighborhood's own Wentz Brothers Asylum every season. Admission was free and all actors and volunteers consisted of family and friends of the Wentz Brothers themselves.

          The Wentz Brothers Asylum continued to grow over the next 10 years, eventually taking up the entire first floor (and then some) of their parent's 2-story home. The haunted house became so successful that when it came time for the brothers to put literal skeletons in the closet and head off to college, they saw an opportunity to continue growing their haunted house instead. This time, in a commercial space. Thus, the Wentz Brothers' Festival of Fears was born at the start of the 2021 season.

Original Haunted House_edited.jpg
Original Inflatable Haunted House (2006)

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