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☽ Past Attractions


2024 brings several new events to the Festival of Fears.  We opened three new events for the spring season including one for Valentine's Day, Spring Break, and our halfway to Halloween celebration in May.  


          2023 marks another year of growth for the Festival of Fears. We have moved into a new 84,000 sq. foot facility with plenty of space to accommodate many new attractions, props, effects and much more. To celebrate this new milestone, the Festival of Fears opened its first summer-themed haunted house, "Cryptid Hollow", for select weekends in July.

Cryptid Hollow 1920 x 1080-02.png


          This season was a huge milestone for the Festival of Fears!  It was our first attempt at running a multiple haunted house event.  We opened 3 unique haunted houses as well as an expanded midway that featured carnival games, photo ops, and a concession stand.  We returned to the Santa Rosa mall where we operated out of the West wing of the mall, which included over 30,000 sq. feet of attraction space and the storefront we used for our 2021 show, "experiments in Evil"

Lazarus Toys Logo 1.png
Shriek Show Logo 1.png
Protocol Z Logo-02.png

          For the first time ever, the Festival of Fears spread Christmas cheer through 2 never-before-seen holiday themed haunts. Our Holiday Haunts premiered with Lazarus Toys: Reject's Revenge, an expanded sequel to our fall haunt, as well as Nutckracer Nightmare, a twisted take on the fairytale classic.


          this season was our first year  operating a commercial haunted house.  It featured our first unique haunted house that had its own custom characters and Story.  We opened in a storefront near the North Entrance of the Santa rosa mall.  

Experiments in Evil logo_white-02.png

2007 - 2020

          For 13 years we operated a homemade haunted house out of our parents house in the Kenwood Neighborhood in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  we started off only opening on Halloween night, but expanded to opening 3 or even 4 nights per year in the following years.  In various years the haunted house included every room on the house's first floor, the garage, and the entire backyard.  Every year featured an all-new layout, new scares, and new actors.  

In 2020, we operated for 3 nights and had over 1500 people come through the haunted house.  At this point we had outgrown our homemade haunted house and begin looking for ways to open a commercial haunted house in the future!

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