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Single night tickets for the 2022 Wentz Brothers' Festival of Fears have arrived!  These tickets are date specific: please select the date you are interested in attending on the calendar below.  

FF22 Map_Indoor.png

How does the Event Work?

The 2022 Wentz Brothers' Festival of Fears features 3 distinct haunted houses.  Each house requires a separate ticket for entry.  Tickets can be purchased using the link above for either all 3 houses, two of the houses, or one of the houses.  If you only plan to attend one or two of the haunted houses, you can choose which ones to attend when you arrive at the event.  If you purchase a 3-house ticket, you will receive one ticket to each haunted house unless otherwise requested.  

All ticket purchases grant the holder access to the midway and photo ops for the night the tickets are good for.  Carnival games and snacks at the concession stand are available for an additional cost.

More Information

Season Pass Tickets

If you are planning to attend more than one night we highly recommend a season pass!  Check out season pass information and pricing Here.


Group Tickets

Group tickets are available for groups of 20 people or more.  Please visit our group page to view options for group ticket sales.


Kids Tickets

All tickets for the haunted houses are the same price regardless of age.  Our haunted house is a very intense experience and is not recommended for those younger than 13.  Anyone younger than 13 who wishes to experience our haunted house must be accompanied by an adult, and needs their own ticket.  

Family Day Tickets

For younger guests wishing to experience our haunted house with a less-intense experience, we highly recommend attending one of our family days.  Our family day events open up guided tours through a less scary version of the Protocol Z and Lazarus Toys haunted houses.  The Shriek Show haunted house will be open so kids can explore the maze.  There are NO scare actors in the haunted houses and extremely gross or frightening scenes are removed to make the houses family friendly.  Family day tickets are $20 and available exclusively at the door.  Family days will be Saturday afternoons from 12:00 - 4:00 PM starting September 24th.  


All ticket sales are final.  Double check the event day and time when checking out to ensure there are no issues.  If you experience an issue with your tickets please fill out the contact form and a representative from our team will assist you.

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