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Tickets for the Festival of Fears are available online and in-person.  Tickets are limited each night of the event and can sell out on busy nights.  To ensure your spot at the event, we highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance!

More Information

Event Structure

The Festival of Fears features 3 distinct haunted houses.  Each haunted house has its own story, theme, special effects, actors, entrance and queue line.  You can enter the haunted houses in whichever order you would like, and can take breaks between haunted houses as you wish.  Tickets grant you 1 admission into each haunted house.  

Safety Information

The haunted houses are an intense experience and may not be suitable for everyone.  If you are sensitive to dark lighting, loud noises, flashing lights, artificial smells, artificial fog or tight spaces you should not experience this attraction.  

Health Concerns

If you have health issues that might be effected by going through the haunted house or if you are pregnant, we do not recommend experiencing this attraction.  We suggest contacting your physician or OBGYN to discuss your specific situation with them.  

Weather Situations

Our attraction is fully indoors and will operate rain or shine.  In the event of a severe storm, updates will provided on our social media pages and on the website.  

Can the actors touch us or can we touch them?

No, for the safety of everyone involved, our actors will not touch you and you may not touch them.  Unintentional contact may occur, as they will get very close, but they will not touch.

Handicap Accessibility

The haunted house is ADA compliant and handicap accessible via a standard sized wheelchair.  If you do not use a standard sized wheelchair, you may be asked to transfer to one before entering the attraction.  Wheelchairs are available free-of-charge at the haunted house, and can be obtained by asking any of our staff.  A guide will escort you through the attraction to help navigate the path as needed.  Some sections of the haunted house are difficult to navigate using a wheelchair, in these sections, a bypass is available and your guide will indicate it for you.  


Group Tickets

Group tickets are available for groups of 20 people or more.  Please contact us using the form below to arrange for group outings at the haunted house.

Age Limit

Our haunted house is a very intense experience and is not recommended for those younger than 13.  Anyone younger than 13 who wishes to experience our haunted house must be accompanied by an adult, and needs their own ticket.  The haunted house does not have a minimum age limit, however all guests must be able to walk through the attraction on their own.  

Family Day Tickets

We have two family day events scheduled for this year on Saturday October 28th and Sunday October 29th from 12:00 - 3:00 PM each day.  For this event, guests are escorted through the haunted houses by a guide, lights are turned up, excessive gore is covered up or removed, and there are no scare actors.  This event can still be scary for some age groups due to the dim lighting, scenic details, and background sound effects but it is intended for guests of all ages.  Tickets are $20 per person and will be available in October.


All ticket sales are final.  Double check the event day and time when checking out to ensure there are no issues.  If you experience an issue with your tickets please fill out the contact form and a representative from our team will assist you.

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