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☽ Pensacola Attractions

The Wentz Brothers' Festival of Fears is proud to announce its expansion into Pensacola, Florida for the 2022 scare season! Location to be announced soon. Opening weekend is currently scheduled for September 16th and 17th and we hope to see you there. See below for details regarding this year's attraction.

WI_Lazarus Toys Blk Rd Logo_Original.png

Sixty years ago, a beloved toy-maker named Emile Lazarus closed up his toy-shop… and vanished without a trace. His disappearance was never solved.

Over the years, many attempts have been made to reopen the old shop. Each time, however, they have failed, and the store has been left to rot.

Now it is your turn to venture inside. But be warned; the deeper you get into the ruins, the more terror begins to take hold. The toy store is not as abandoned as it appears, and those inside have been waiting to play for a very long time.

Will you discover the truth behind the disappearance of the toy-maker? Or will you vanish as well and become part of the legend of LAZARUS TOYS?

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