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"It has been thirteen years since the good Dr. Sinclair Porcus was lost in a horrifying experiment gone wrong. Thirteen years since the benevolent scientist was taken, twisted, and transformed before fleeing into the wilds. 


The time is now, and people have begun disappearing. The clues all lead to an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. You step inside, trying to be a hero, but all too soon realize that you've stepped right into a trap. 


The good scientist is gone. All that remains is the beast called Razorback, and now you must escape becoming the next subject in his EVIL EXPERIMENTS."

Volunteers are needed as we prepare to send search parties into Razorback's lair.  Be warned, if you join one of our search parties, be prepared to face terrifying monsters, gruesome scenes, and horrifying experiences around every turn.  This journey is not for the faint of heart, be sure to heed the following warning* before signing up.  

*The Wentz Brothers' Festival of Fears - "Experiments in Evil" is an intense haunted house designed to scare everyone who enters.  You will experience loud noises, fog, dim lighting, extreme darkness, flashing lights, and tight spaces.  If you have a medical condition that may be triggered by any of these effects, you should not enter our haunted house.  This haunted house is not recommended for children under 13 years old.  Children under 13 years old who still wish to enter the haunted house must be accompanied by a paying adult at all times.  

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We're excited to announce our first ever family friendly version of the haunted house!

Join us for guided tours of Razroback's lair while the monsters are away.  Explore the haunted hallways, find the hidden rooms and come face to face with a few of Razorback's not-so-scary minions along the way.  

Dates & Times:

Saturdays: Oct. 9, 16, 23, 30 from 1-4pm.


The North entrance of the Santa Rosa Mall.  Located near the food court.


Tickets are $10 per person and available exclusively at the door.  No advanced tickets are required or available for these events.  

Is this right for my family?

While this tour is considered family friendly, it is still a haunted house.  You should expect to experience dark lighting, visual effects, fog, and some creepy scenes.  However, the loud noises, scare actors, and gruesome scenes will not be in operation during this time.  This will serve as a great introductory haunted house for kids who are not quite ready for the real thing yet.  Adults who just want to go through the haunted house in a calmer manner will also appreciate this version.